Blog Post # 23 – More or Less Connected

Does social media make us more or less connected to the people that we care about?

I’m not quite sure.

On the one hand, keeping up with friends on social media provides us with the information about things that happens in the lives of others.

When we see each other face to face, we can quickly catch up because we already know what has been going on in our friend’s life.

Also, social media allows us to gain deeper insight into how our friends and acquaintances truly are.  Many people tell me that they love hearing about our family’s activities on Facebook.

I also have friends on social media that I have never met face to face.  Interactions with other lawyers through Twitter, talking with people on Snap Chat that I haven’t really met and even email connections allow us to connect around shared interests.  The conversations that take place in these forums can be very valuable.

But, on the other hand, that actual relationship between two people seems weakened by social media.

If a friend has a baby and we follow the ups and downs for the new parents on Facebook, do we lose human connection when we skip a conversation with our friend about what it’s like being a new dad?

Does the skill of actual face-to-face interaction diminish when we put everything online and avoid actually speaking to each other.

And the problem of trying to talk to people when their eyes are glued to their cell phones is a big one in society today.  We miss what’s going on around us while scrolling from app to app on our phones.

As someone who puts a lot out in social media, I worry about these things.

I wonder – in 2016, are we more, or less, connected?