Blog Post # 19 – Tickling & Tackling

I have a secret.

When I’ve had a hard day at the office, there is one thing that cheers me up almost immediately.

Would you like me to share it with you?

I certainly will.

But first let me say that this secret trick has a time limit.  It won’t work for me forever.

I can tell that the time is near when this trick won’t work for me any more.

Here it is.

If you find yourself in a sour mood, down in the dumps or frustrated, I suggest getting down on the floor with your kids.  That’s right, down on the floor in order to ….

Tickle.  And tackle.

When the boys were little, we would tackle and tickle all morning long.  I can remember the older boys jumping off the couch as high as they could before driving a knee into my thigh.  I would grab them, flip them on their back and tickle them unmercilessly.

We would wrestle, bounce, piledrive, tackle and pummel each other.  I would tickle them for so long that they would be on the verge of tears.

With my baby girl (who is almost 7), it’s a more gentle game.  More tickling than tackling.

The fun thing too is how she howls when she knows the tickle is about to come.  She gets more worked up as the claw of tickle approaches from on high than she does when she is actually being tickled.

When I’m down on the ground, all of my troubles fade away.

Giggles cure a lot of blues.

Pretty soon, my daughter will be too old for tickling and tackling.  And I will be sad.

I guess this is one of the reasons people look forward to grandchildren.