Blog Post # 16 – What We Say We Want

We say we want to be more physically fit.  

But we hit the snooze bar and skip the gym.

We say we want to eat more healthily.

But when the waitress comes, we order the french fries.

We say we worked hard and put in an 11 hour day.

But we really spent a good chunk of the day posting on Facebook and surfing the web.

We say we want to spend more time with our kids.

But when we are with them, we play around with our little electronic device.

We say we want to save more money and build an emergency fund.

But when we “have” to have something, out comes the plastic.

We say we want to read more and to keep expanding our mind.

But when House of Cards drops, we are all in.

This is us.

Too often living in the space between what we say we want and what we actually do.