Blog Post # 15 – Small Victories

Grand declarations of future changes rarely do me much good.

I often get excited about a new project, only to have the excitement wane and my interest in said project diminish significantly.

Interestingly, the declaration and excitement frequently stem from an overall frustration about the topic at hand.

Example – if I have been lazy and lounging around for an extended period of time, I will make some crazy declaration that I am going to run every day for a month.  I will run a few days, get a bit sore and tired and then forget about my prior declarations.

For me, the greatest changes come about when I make a minor tweak as opposed to wholesale (yet short lived) change.

Getting up a bit earlier to give myself time to focus.

Walking around the block at work in order to clear my head.

Tracking the spending I do each day instead of swearing off trying to craft the most elaborate budget ever.

Small victories tend to stack up and that is where I find my greatest successes.  

If I am not willing to make a small change today, I most likely won’t stick to the enormous change that I have professed to make.

Today, let me search for the small tweak, the little change, the minor improvement.

If I improve a little bit today and a little bit more tomorrow, change will materialize.


It may not come as quickly as I like, but it will be a lot more sustainable.  This I know to be true.