Blog Post # 14 – Paying Attention


Is it real?  Is it attainable?  Is it the best way to get things done?

I’m beginning to think that the answer to these questions is no.

We live in a world now where many, many things vie for our attention.

Look here.  No, look over there.  Hey, what’s that thing that I was supposed to do last night?

We try to keep it up.  We try to get it all done – on time and under budget.

We open our 12th web browser so we don’t miss what’s happening on Facebook.

We check our email while talking on the phone with a client.

Dr. Ned Hallowell, a leading expert on paying attention, explains that the most precious resource that any of us has is attention.  Every day, we have to decide what to focus on.

Lately, I’ve been trying to pay attention to how I pay attention.  And I have come to believe that the truth is that I can only get one thing done at a time.

That I get more done when I do things one at a time.

Steady, slow (and focused) wins the race.

In a world clamoring for our eyeballs, our ears, our minds, this can be tough.

But I think this approach is what works best for me.  How about you?