Blog Post # 13 – If You Aren’t Nice

“None of this matters if you aren’t nice.”

A gentle reminder that we use from time to time at our house.

Working extra hours and making more money doesn’t matter if you aren’t nice.

Volunteering to coach the kids’ baseball team after a long day at work doesn’t really matter if you aren’t nice when you come home.

If you aren’t nice, it doesn’t really matter how big the house is, how special you try to make the birthday celebration or how many errands you run.

Grammatically, this reminder may be less than stellar.

But it gets the job done.

When we lose our temper, say an unkind word or sarcastically roll our eyes, it can instantly wipe out whatever good will we have built with the people that we love.

Sadly, that’s all that it takes sometimes to devalue – in an instant – the goodwill or love that we have built up in our partner, our kids or our co-workers.

Everybody loses their temper sometimes.  It is impossible to be nice 100% of the time.

But we can pause for a split second before saying or doing something that is not particularly nice.

That split second could make the difference between how the person that we are interacting with feels about us and about themselves.  

And if we are nice, we probably don’t have to work as hard, make as much money or have that big house.  The people that are important to us won’t care about that.  

They will just be happy that we were nice.  

And that’s what they will remember.