Blog Post # 10 – Too Many Choices

In 2016, thanks largely to the power of the internet, we have unlimited sources of information and entertainment.

Want to learn how to build a fence?  Watch a YouTube video.

Looking for information on new car options?  There’s an app for that.

Trying to remember the words to a song that you haven’t heard since high school, just Google it.

Heck, Google has become its own verb.

As a society, we benefit greatly from all of the amazing things that we can learn with nothing more than a web browser and an internet connection.

The problem is this – so very little of the World Wide Web is curated.  In many ways, the electronic frontier is still the Wild Wild West.

When you have thousands of choices for where to rest your eyeballs, it can be so very overwhelming.

And things are always changing.

Steve Jobs was hailed as a genius for allowing us to buy one song at a time in the iTunes store.  And rightly so.

Now, Spotify gives us access to (almost) every song ever recorded – all we have to do is search for it.  When was the last time you actually “went to the trouble” of downloading a song in iTunes.

Don’t get me wrong – this is not some screed against modernity.

Rather, it is a gentle reminder that if we wanted to, we could spend hours and hours in mind-numbing submission to our electronic white screens.  Sort of like those folks living in the spaceship during the second half of Wall-E.  

Whereas folks living in the early 1900s had very little choices regarding how they spend their leisure time, we now have unlimited options for immediately streaming content – movies, music, books and television shows.  And for that I am actually very grateful.

What I struggle with is how to sort it all, how to not be overwhelmed by it and how to be a vanguard against wasting one of our most precious commodities – our time.

The people who figure out how to sort our options, organize them and give them to us in digestible pieces will be the ones to ride the next big wave to financial and professional success.

In the meantime, thank you for devoting a little sliver of your internet time by reading this blog.