Blog Post # 7 – The First Hour

I am a morning person.  I get so much more done in a day when I start early.

It is amazing the difference getting to work early makes for me.  If I start at 6 am and work until 4 pm, I get almost twice as much done as if I would work from 9 am to 7 pm.

It is essential that we find the best time of the day to find our flow.  And, here’s the key – once you find your flow time, you need to protect it like a mother protects her newborn baby.

I am committing to holding back.  Keeping a bit for me.  We each deserve an hour of our day to focus on growth, expansion, learning, tapping into our intuition, discerning and enjoying life.

For me, that hour is 5 in the morning until 6.  Just before the kids wake up and the day explodes.  For me, it’s that first hour of the day.

When is your hour?  You need it and you deserve it.  Grab it before it is gone.